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Spacies is a vertical shooter, designed to bring back the retro feel of games like Galaga. It is not about the high end graphics, or special effects.

Its about the nostalgic feelings we get from playing all those old arcade cabinets.

The name "Spacies" comes from the slang we used as kids to describe the games. The way the word was used is thus: "Lets go play some Spacies". It was a generic term used to cover all the games available at the local arcade.

This is my first ever effort to create a game, and any feedback is welcome. Constructive criticism helps me develop the game further; and bug reports increase the stability of the game.


This project is licened under the Mozilla Public License v2.0

Recommended Specs

  • CPU - Dual Core or Higher
  • Graphics - Any accellerated graphics card with a minimum of 256Mb of dedicated VRAM
  • Hard Drive - ~200Mb of disk space
  • Monitor - Minimum of 800x600 resolution
  • Internet - Initial game startup requires an active net connection to pull down WebFonts from Google. This is required at every startup.

Supported and Tested OS's

  • Windows 7 (all variants)
  • Windows 8/.1 (all variants)
  • Windows 10 (all variants)
  • Ubuntu 14.04.2/Mint 17.1 64bit (current versions)

Alternative OS support

Currently, there is only very limited support for Mac, however there are binaries available


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Version 7
spacies-classic-osx.zip 34 MB
Version 1
spacies-classic-linux32.zip 42 MB
Version 5
spacies-classic-linux64.zip 41 MB
Version 5
spacies-classic-soundtrack.zip 13 MB
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Version 7


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Good sound and music but the play field feels kind of empty.

Yeah, I hear you. By the 3rd level things liven up a lot. I had to tone down the first two levels, people were complaining it was too hard. Originally, the waves were much closer together.

When you hit the 3rd boss, you know you've made it :)

As a side note, I notice you had sandboxed the game. If you allow it internet access, It'll pickup the proper fonts, instead of the default Times New Roman. It uses Google Fonts. But it's only cosmetic, and doesn't change the functionality of the game :)